Dentists are  are a necessity in life, however we don’t often like going to see a dentist christchurch if at all possible.

I remember growing up as a young boy and getting the dreaded note from a student who just looked like he had just seen the devil.

White pale look on his face as he handed over the note from the Dental nurse.

In primary school we used to fondly refer to going to see the Dental nurse as going to the “murder house”.

I still remember the smell of the cloak room and having to wait until it was my turn to go inside.

Not one of my most pleasant memories of primary school.

Anyway, the Dentist was always a women and the ones that I had, although they were pleasant as far as Dental professional goes, she was usually a well endowel woman.

I didn’t really notice at the time , given I was just a kid, but when I think back to it now I remember a large soft breast blocking my vision as she drilled away at my teeth.

All I was thinking about at the time, was I can’t see and please ouch my teeth hurt.

Another thing I remembered was a growling stomach from a Dentist who obvious didn’t have breakfast.

Now that I’m all grown up now I wish I had the sort of Dentists that I had back then.